You Are The Worst Mistake Made

How I sit and wish that I had the power over the situation

to direct your love to a right destination

Yes, came around and I saw he was the right person

I already had the fear to be in a love lock

But this time round I couldn’t ignore the knock

So strong breaking down the block

The hurting part is the knock left a crack

Which is just the beginning of the sorrows

How I loved that soul wishing he could even 

treat me right for a second.

He came and ate the weak heart 

Ran away after I thought he was serious

Love is not physical but I have physical discomfort

I can’t block the memories, can’t erase the love

The fact that I hate him hurts me

because it’s an evidence, a one trace of my love to him

I tried to do everything he loves but he didn’t care

for a second I thought it’s not what he loved

What he loves! I know

I wished to penetrate his heart, his brain to see 

what to do

The exact thing he needed to give me what I wanted, I couldn’t

It hurts and it always hurts

I’ve not started explaining because I can’t hold the tears

I will be feeling much better right now if he had said no

No to everything

No to seeing me but I know it would’ve destroyed me

What’s the reason for being there for his benefit?

I always sit to think he could learn everything about me

about my love to him

A love that no one will ever give it to him, like I did

Maybe he didn’t need love

Then what else….. Money!!

I tried my best and he knew that

Suffocation is what I wish to him, sometimes

I need him to suffer like a refugee

Not that I like what refugees go through

but just for him to run back to me, to chase him away

I know it’s crazy, inhuman to have such thoughts

I’m not a bad person, I just need him to realize one thing

I’m giving it a day and I’ll be back again